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Eucalyptus made of vegetable tanned leather and brass (25cm) 가죽과 황동 소재의 유칼립투스

Eucalyptus cinerea made of vegetable tanned leather and brass which will bring you a unique and delicate leather forest indoor

유칼립투스를 형상화한 가죽과 황동으로 만들어진 데코레이션에 특별하고 고급스러운 포인트가 될 아트피스


✔️Material 소재: leather 가죽, brass 황동

✔️Dimension: 3.8x2x25 cm

  • Care Instructions

    📌 Notification for Leather Products:

    📍Keep away from wet environment and direct sunlight.

    📍Adjust the leather gently. The fiber will bate after heavy press and cannot keep the shape.

    📍Keep leather dry and away from water. Use dry fabric to remove the dirt gently if needed.

    📍The stains on brass should be clean by water. Wipe until dry after cleaning. Basic maintenance: use leather oil on leather surface once a year; wipe brass with polishing oil if oxidized.

    📍Due to the characteristic of leather, there will be natural texture and grain on surface.

    📍Due to the characteristic of leather, the color will change as time pass by naturally.

    📍Due to the difference on color display of each monitor, the actual color should be based on real products.