3 in 1 cup (Glass cup+Splash stick+Mug)

[3 in 1 cup made in Taiwan]

유리컵+음료 젓는 스틱+머그뚜껑+머그컵으로 구성되어 있는 3 in 1 컵입니다. 악마/사슴/당근/새싹 모양 중 스틱을 선택하실 수 있습니다.


📍Glass cup on the top🥛 - Cold drinks .

📍Splash stick in the middle - Optional shapes: Devil😈, Deer🦌, Carrot🥕, Leaves🌱, etc.

📍Anti-dust lid - You can put on the cup or put your teabags or stir stick on it .

📍Mug cup on the bottom ☕️ - Mostly hot drinks



✔️Glass cup:H 9cm,Capacity 400c.c,Glass

✔️Ceramic Mug Cup:H 9cm,Capacity 360c.c,Ceramic,to 120℃,Microwave 👌

✔️Lid: Food grade silicone, to 120℃

✔️Splash stick : PP, to 110℃


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